Sunday, May 20, 2007

Malnutrition Kills

Serious title for a serious problem. Tens of thousands of children die each year in Africa and India due to lack of food and lack of proper nutrients. In Nigeria rural women will have several children, not knowing if even one will survive (they often wait to even name a child after a certain period to see if the child will survive); while in the States we choose to have abortions or now have the continuing rise of the problem of obese children, a stark contrast. Just being aware and knowledgable of situations around the world is a good start and being conscious of the food we waste. Feel free to visit to learn more.

Shattered Image

"Shattered Image" is acrylic with blue glass and is one of the images done for "What's Goin' On".
This image relates to all that bombards us to change our image from the littlest thing in wrinkle creams, to botox, to lipo suction, to acutal cosmetic alterings of our image. So, just to be your natural self as you were created in the Image of God is challenged by all these "enhancements to beautify".

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What's Goin' On?

Annual Through Our Eyes show at the Ritz Theatre & LaVilla Musuem opened Thursday, May 10 and runs through July. The theme for the show is "what's goin' on" covering current events and "in your face" happenings both city wide and nationally. I have two paintings in the show titled "Shattered Image" and "Malnutrition Kills"